So, you’ve got a brand-new website, now what?

Even if the content is amazing, and your offers are completive, you still need to promote your brand.

A general misconception is that most people think if your webpage is published that it should be on top of all google searches, it is impossible for any newly created website to be visible on the first page unless you have spent quite a large amount of money on your SEO.

Basic on-page SEO with metadata descriptions are included most of the time, but more advanced SEO is normally a separate task on its own.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your domain is brand new and google needs to rank it according to SEO, links to and from your website, daily visits etc, so once your webpage has been published and is visible, it is up to you to nurture and promote your webpage in order to generate more traffic to your webpage.

That’s why, once your website is created, it’s on you to nurture and promote it. So, what can you do to make that happen?

Paid advertising

Your first option is to pursue paid advertising, such as through Google AdWords, a pay-per-click (PPC) ad platform that charges you based on the actual click-throughs you get for your site. This is usually a good method to start with, as long as you have the budget for it, since you’ll guarantee that at least some traffic will get to your site.

The problem is, most new webmasters don’t have the money to spend on this method, and it doesn’t scale as well as some of the other tactics on this list.

Search Engine Optimization

You can also work on search engine optimization (SEO), a strategy designed to help your website rank higher in relevant searches on Google (and other search engines). Most free and inexpensive website builders offer templates that are structurally sound for SEO, with clean code and a crawlable infrastructure. But, beyond that, you’ll need to create interesting, original content on a regular basis, and attract more back-links that point to your site (to boost your domain authority and eventually rank you higher for relevant queries).


Blogging is another good strategy, and it ties into several other strategies on this list. For example, blogging regularly is a practical necessity for any SEO campaign, since it creates more crawlable pages on your site, adds to your authority and enables you to optimize for more specific keywords. Plus, if you can build an audience with your blog, you’ll be more likely to retain that audience’s members and introduce them to other sections of your site.

Social Media

The biggest advantages of social media are its sheer ability to connect with hundreds of millions of people, and the fact that it’s free to use (which gives it a tremendous potential ROI). The idea is to use your content to make your site more discoverable, engage with individuals and groups who might like your site and content and eventually build up a following that stays with your brand and provides a steady stream of inbound traffic.

You should also claim your space on Google Maps if you are a Business with a physical address, the more descriptive and complete you can be, the better, and take special care in choosing your categories because they will determine which keywords your business will show up in the Google Places search results.

Also ensure that your webpage is fully responsive, look around you – everyone seems to have an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. But if someone visits your website with their mobile device, do you show them a page formatted specifically for the device, or land them in “pinch and zoom hell?”

Studies show that mobile visitors are more “goal oriented” than people who visit your website from their desktop or laptop. They spend less time on your website and view less pages. And mobile connections are usually much slower.

So, you need to make it easy for them to find what they want – fast. If you are a local business they are probably looking for your phone number, directions to your business, or business hours. Make sure your website automatically detects mobile visitors and delivers them pages that help them call you or find you.

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