Why you should outsource your Marketing and Advertisement?

Accelerating growth is on every business leader’s agenda. It’s natural for businesses to always look for new opportunities to grow and market themselves. Maintaining a leading market position includes continuously adding new strategies and channels to your existing marketing mix and refining existing ones.

As you consider new strategies to stay ahead of your competitors and increase profitability, there are always two options in front of you – to either hire internally or outsource the services.

Ultimately, the choice will depend on your current situation, but before taking a decision to hire marketing staff for your business, you should consider the benefits of outsourcing marketing to a digital agency instead.

1. You get an entire team of experts

In today’s economic environment, finding top talent can be hard. In fact, 44% of market leaders say they can’t find the right combination of people and skills. Filling just one role can be challenging, imagine building an entire marketing team.

You also need to think about the diverse range of skills required to make a marketing campaign a success. Such skills include writing and editing, SEO, market research and analysis, design and production, among others. We all know that the jack of all trades is a master of none. So, a single employee is unlikely to possess such a broad skill set and you will end up hiring more than one person.

In contrast, there are many full-service agencies that offer integrated services and can handle all marketing aspects of your business. This means that for a fixed price, either for a particular project or on a retainer agreement, you get an entire team of experts at your disposal.

2. You can reduce costs and risks

It’s easy to forget that the cost of a new employee goes way beyond a person’s salary. It also includes recruiting, training and other intangible costs which can be elusive.

Many small businesses simply can’t afford the costs of hiring a new employee and the risks associated with it. Such investment in the wrong person or a poor performer presents a threat to the business.

By outsourcing work to a marketing agency, you can future-proof your business without risking investing time and resources in an employee who doesn’t have the right experience or is simply a bad fit for the role.

3. You’re working with people with industry experience and tried-and-tested processes

You might be running two or three marketing campaigns at the same time but remember that marketing agencies often run the same amount of campaigns but for each of their clients.

Therefore, you’ll be working with people who have been there and done that. Chances are that the agency in question has already worked on a similar project and knows what works best and what doesn’t. This means that their advice can help you prevent common mistakes which are easy to avoid.
What’s better than working with people who already know the best way to achieve results?

4. You don’t need to train staff

Providing employee training is the scaffold to business growth and is also essential to remain competitive in your niche. However, training also presents a lot of challenges to businesses.

There is no one-size-fits-all training solution. You need to create a custom learning and development program that addresses the challenges individual employees face. Preparing a thorough development plan involves having a person responsible for executing the training, creating training materials, among many others.

The best thing about working with an agency is that you don’t have to go through the whole training process, their staff already have the depth and breadth of skills needed.

5. You get access to the latest technology

Marketing technology is, without a doubt, something that every business should invest in to ensure success. Marketing technology plays a crucial part of every marketing campaign as it helps you gain insights into customer behaviour, save time and streamline processes.

You can choose to work with different platforms for each channel or invest in an all-in-one solution that allows you to track your marketing efforts in one place. Either way, it’s a costly investment.
Additionally, there are almost 5000 different marketing tools available to marketers. How do you know which ones to pick? Is your staff trained to work with them?

When you outsource your marketing to an agency you don’t need to worry about the intangible costs, choosing the best solution or getting your staff trained.

6. You can focus on the core of your business

If you’re focusing on other activities for a couple of hours every day, other than the core of your business, your talent is being wasted. Rather than effectively concentrating on core business competencies or activities, you’re focusing on issues that are less critical or you have less expertise in.

Working with an agency will allow you to free up internal resources to focus on what you do best. Outsourcing part or all your marketing initiatives means that your team will also be able to focus on the areas where they can make the best use of their time.

7. Your marketing won’t suffer as a result of staff problems or annual leave

A key to successful marketing is consistency. However, staff with numerous responsibilities or understaffed teams may feel overwhelmed when they cannot deliver on time or targets.

This situation gets even worse when even one team member is on an annual leave. During the festive season your marketing can take a big hit, especially when it comes to channels that require constant work and monitoring like social media. You can’t simply stop posting on social because of the holidays – quite the opposite, you should be more active than ever.

This pressure can have a bad impact on your employees, which will also negatively affect your business. By outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency, you can relieve this pressure off your staff while ensuring that all deadlines and targets are met.

8. You get an on-demand service

Do you have too much work so your employees struggle to deliver on time, but at the same time, not enough so you can’t justify hiring a new member of staff?

That’s where agencies come in handy, they serve as an extension of your own team and you can get them involved on projects you need some extra help with. This makes it easy to scale your marketing efforts as needed.

Additionally, if you are working with an agency in the long run, you can always consult them on upcoming campaigns and use their expertise in the field. Two heads, or in our case teams, are always better than one.

9. Outside perspective on your business

There is no doubt that you know your business better than anyone else. Yet, your perspective is one-sided. The harder you focus on something, the less you see, sometimes missing easy-to-spot mistakes or gaps in your process.

A good agency will bring a fresh perspective to your business, point the gaps in current strategies and provide you with solutions.

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