Marketing Packages

We create your companies’ Social Media Pages on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…
We also regularly post content to all your different pages. This can be done at intervals suited to your priorities and budget, from 1 post to all channels per month to several posts per week!
Take away all the time-consuming effort and guess work.
Have it done by the Experts so you can focus on your business and we can focus on creating a stronger, more visible online presence for your business.

Assessment and Road-map (R1250.00 once-off):

  • We will explore your needs and objective and assess your current social media presence.
  • Where necessary, will suggest additional social media networks and platforms and advertisement channels.
  • Will create a list of industry specific social media influences and draw out your road-map to monitor and keep track on your progress.

Basic Social Media Package (Starting from R1250.00 per month):

  • Create and publish newsworthy content on your profiles.
  • 6 scheduled posts with shared posts to 15-20 Targeted Groups and Pages on Facebook.
  • R150.00 ads credit for boosted posts and page promotions.
  • 1 additional post every month at no additional cost.

Typical Facebook Management Package consists of (Starting at R1750.00 per month):

  • Create and publish newsworthy content on your profiles.
  • 8 High-resolution images included which can be changed to GIF’s.
  • 10 posts which will be published according to s content calendar on rotating days.
  • 2 related articles posts.
  • Includes R250.00 which will be used for paid advertisement and boosted posts.
  • Post will also be published on numerous social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at an additional cost.
  • Promote your website content and create brand awareness with precisely targeted Facebook Marketing.
  • Boosted posts will also be done on a weekly basis to increase awareness.

Community Management (R1250.00 per month and R650.00 per additional platform):

  • We will manage all inquiries across numerous social media platforms on your behalf.

Email Marketing & Newsletters (Starting from R850.00 per month):

  • Landing Page Design.
  • Database management.
  • Send out monthly newsletters.
  • Monthly reports.

Please note that this includes high-resolution images which will be published with each post., images can be swopped ro GIF’s.Minimum 3 months Commitment Content, Writing & Design Inluded, published based on Content Calendar on chosen platforms Word Count Per Post between 400 – 450 words Small GIFF video or Static Images IncludedPosts will also be shared to 15-20 Targeted Groups and Pages on Facebook.Posts will be published according to a Content Calendar. You will also get 1 FREE scheduled post every month.

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